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This week we’ve got a grab bag of new features across chat and games!

First, something frequently requested: more reaction options for messages! Let everyone in the chat know when a message makes you feel ❤️, 👍, 👎, 😂 or 👏. In the future we’ll add support for every conceivable emoji, including custom ones. We’re always wracking our brains for news ways to react and have fun with your friends — it’s what Aspen’s all about!


We’ve also added a leaderboard Geo Genius, which we released last week. Like the Le Word leaderboard, you can see which of your friends has been the most accurate over time. You can also view everyone’s best (and worst!) guesses. Clicking on their score will rewind the map to that day so you can see where they guessed and the street they were looking at. Our users have nailed it some days (within 1km) and been super far off on others (17,000km… which is approaching the maximum distance between two points on Earth, about 20,000km). It’s been a blast to see our users turn Geo Genius into a collective daily ritual, one that prompts plenty of trash talk and commiseration over guesses gone wrong.

Finally, we’ve added support for “collections”. Collections make sharing things in bulk on Aspen easier. Now instead of sending individual Le Word games into a space, you can share a collection, which automatically lets everyone in the group see the results of your games as you play them, with no daily or manual sharing necessary. Soon we’ll be adding collections of photos too, to make sharing photo albums a cinch.

We’re in the middle of a large platform upgrade that’s going to unlock several new kinds of activities on Aspen. Keep watching here and follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates!